Friday, June 08, 2007

Like I've got the time/energy/motivation to write more?

What was I thinking? Just because I like party games and just because some site wanted to find some writers for the genre of gaming does that mean I should be the one to volunteer for it? Probably not but I did anyway. I think I've called myself a dork before on this blog and much worse in all honesty but in case I haven't I'll take care of that one right now. I'm a fucking dork.

I like writing in this blog and I'm suppose to be writing a little bit in another person's blog (that has everything to do with playing and nothing to do with gaming...there's only a select few of you who will get that reference!) That blog I write under a different name and it'd be pretty hard to find it and even harder to prove it was me! THoiA is easy to figure out though if you really wanted to.

Anyway I'm rambling, still I wonder if that's not what a blog is for...wait rambling again.

The point here is that I'm now writing for Board Game News now as you guessed it reviewer of party games. I will say that when I submitted material for consideration I showed the Eric my blog (one of the precious few I've ever SHOWN my blog to) and told him I write from a kind of hard edge. He was cool with it as long as I could write objectively. Well if a game sucks I feel I can objectively show people how and why but at the same time the 2 reviews I've posted here have been based on games I love. (JVT and Combat Soldiers.)

Keep in mind though I will be "toning it down" a bit for the readers of BGN as they aren't exactly use to a lot of harsh language and statements like the ones I throw around this blog. So don't go over there reading those reviews and think you will be finding my typical fare because you won't. I am considering however after writing a review for BGN taking the review and retooling it for TDHM. That way you can get the full brunt of my thoughts on a game. :) After all that's how I like it anyway.

In closing let me be a little serious for a moment. I did actually choose to do this because 1. he only wants me to write once a month...I can do that. Mostly it's because 2. BGN is a great gaming website. I highly suggest you guys click the link above and check them out. This site's been around for awhile and is produced by through a labor of love. It's got great material and is an excellent gaming resource.

Until next time, save the pink bits for me.