Wednesday, April 26, 2006

An attempt to perpetuate the ever growing nothingness that is the internet.

Bloggety-blog blog! Everybody and their little sister has a blog these days. Hell every bodies little sister’s hamster has a blog too. So why on God’s big beautiful green earth would I bother with creating…yet another blog?

Because I’m a dork. That’s right folks you heard it here first, straight from the dorks own mouth…or fingers as I type…whatever, the point is I know it already and don’t need a endless strew of comments telling me this.

At first I wasn’t going to create a blog. I really did want to write some gaming related articles and what-not but I know I won’t be posting to this thing even as frequently as every week which doesn’t make for a good blog now does it? (Then again maybe the act of creating and owning a blog will spur my imagination to come up with even more boring mundane shit to write about and it will be updated frequently.) My original idea was to guest blog on someone else’s back once a month or so but after reading through many gameblogs I couldn’t find the blog home that felt right for me. My reasons are stupid I know but they are the reasons of a self proclaimed pessimistic dork. You know stuff like “Well he read a description of Beer Money and swore of the game.” “Well this guy’s a pretty prolific writer my stuff would get lost in the spew he drivels on about.” “I hate this person.” those kinds of things.

So here I sit keyboard at hand writing my…ugh I can’t believe I’m going to say it…blog.

Expect to the see this blog updated on a strict schedule of whenever the hell I feel like updating it and keep in mind I never miss my own deadlines. As such I would say that I’m open to the idea of guest bloggers riding on my back like it was my intention of doing but you’ll probably come up with some really stupid reason for not doing it. You know stuff like “Well he read a description of ASL and swore off the game.” “Well this guy’s not a very prolific writer my stuff would flood the spew he drivels on about right off his own blog.” “I hate this person.” However if you manage to make it past those hurdles e-mail me, we’ll have some coffee, we’ll talk.


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