Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It's never enough. . .

My recent acquisitions:

Deflexion - An abstract game...with lasers! So how's that not a good thing?

World of Warcraft the Boardgame - HUGE game, tons of minis pretty fun, about 3 hours I think once everyone knows the game.

Oltre Mare (Merchants of Venice) - Haven't played or read rules to this yet

Way Out West - Rules make this look great, we'll see soon enough.

Durch die Wuste - German version of Through the Desert...mmmmm pretty pastel camels.

Ice Frenzie the Hockey Card Game - Kinda sucks but it's HOCKEY!

Cape Horn - Racing around the southern tip of S. America, very cool little game, high screw with others factor

Babylon 5 Component Game Syste - they call it a CGS...cleaver huh? Chances are good this will never get played, a huge rule book for this being the core system, don't know if it's gonna happen or not.

Stratomatic Hockey - 2000-2001 team stat cards. Looks neat again probably won't get played. The rules are very in depth however.

Family Business - Mayfairs low budget re-release of this mobster card game. 10 bucks just about anywhere.

Dying Lights - 220 cards crammed into a tiny little box with a rulebook, beautiful art and space combat to boot.

Chalk Talk Action Hockey Trivia Game - with a title like that you get the idea.

What's the Score - Stand alone game/addition to above title funny the cards in this are higher quality than the ones in above title.

Just Add Ice - Hockey card game, simple mechanics might be fun for a little bit, probably won't hold attention more than a hand or two.

Speed Circuit - AH classic game of formula 1 racing. Woo Hoo. Excellent rule set, dice play a significantly smaller role than in Formula' De.

Win Place & Show - AH game from same era as Speed Circuit but is horse racing, won in lot with above title.

My recent learnings (IE Played but don't own):

Carcassonne The Castle - I love Carc. games.

Hey! That's My Fish - Techinically geared for kids, but a great game.

Elasund the First City of Catan - Great fun, lots of player interaction (read screwing over).

Twixt - Old 3M classic bookshelf game, very fun abstract game. Highly suggested as it's easy to get.

Talisman - WOW Superb game, there's a reason this is a classic.

Revolution the Dutch Revolt - Pretty in depth but a bit dull to me.

Runebound - Neat dungeon crawl without the dungeon, by Martin Walace. Lots of expansions, beautiful game.

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