Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's a sickness I know it is. . .

My recent acquisitions:
Bolide-racing without dice

Dynasties-2 player fuedal Japan

Hive-Creepy crawly bug fun

Mag*Blast-Space ship blowing up in the TI3 world

Fjords-Two player tile layer

Dread Pirate-Crappy assed game with the best components EVER

Girl Genius-Very cleaver little card turning game sounds weird but is fun

Saboture-Dwarves in mines digging for gold...with a traitor

Miskatonic Madness-Cthulhu game, free print and play, neat 'o

My recent learnings (IE Played but don't own):
Space Hulk-Basically Aliens

Hansa-Boats, markets, goods, fun!

Tenjo-6 hours of my life are gone due to this game

Diamant-Fantastic, quick, light.

Ticket to Ride Marklin-I love me some TTR

Princes of the Renaissance-Martin Wallace greatness, bidding, war, what else is there?

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