Monday, December 04, 2006

Turn hard earned cash into pieces of cardboard, wood and plastic. . .

A few of the things that my currency has rencently turned into:

I haven't done a what I've bought in a long time so here ya anyone really cares!

Hex Hex Next-Great game, adds in or stands alone but for me it just adds in. Great new cards

Ticket to Ride Marklin-Move those passengers along.

Ticket to Ride 1910 Expansion-BIG cards for the USA map with new destinations.

Puerto Rico-Finally got a copy of my favorite euro game.

Settlers of Catan-Picked up this classic too.

Settlers of Catan Event Cards-I'm gonna use them as event cards but also gonna keep rolling the die...cause it's suppose to be that way! Should shake things up quite a bit.

Iliad-Neat little card game with lots of nuances.

Aton-2 Player, very nice looks to be a lot to this game too.

Catagena-Get your pirates outta prison first...then SCREW everyone else!

Mission Red Planet-Ahhhh another Bruno game. I love it.

Nexus Ops-Bugs...war...alrighty.

Vegas Showdown-This game gets better with ever play. EXCELLENT!

Oasis-Love the card mechanic, very unique, fun game!

Carcassonne The City-A Carc. Variant and the wall look like they might be fun.

Metro-Not really crazy about this game but it was cheap.

Memoir '44 Pacific Theater-Another Mem. expansion, this one is superb, almost as good as the Eastern Front. Cant' wait for the carry case and expansion with it.

Aquarius-Crazy short game by Looney Labs, makers of Fluxx and Chrononauts.

Junta-Politics, Bribes, Backstabbing and we need anything else?

Relationship Tightrope-Good game, lame theme.

Rocketville-Not as bad as the gaming eliteiest at BGG say it is. Light and fun.

Grand Tribunal-Not played yet but interesting.

Recess-Same as above with a cute theming.

Succession: Intrigue in the Royal Court-Back stabbing galore.

Battleground: Fantasy Warfare-Card based mini fantasy war gaming. Neat.

Lifeboats-Pretty disappointing actually, way too long.

Return of the Heros-Dungeon crawl type of game.

Under the Shadow of the Dragon-Expansion for above.

Barbarossa-Almost exactly like cluzzle but came years ago. Hmmmmm.

Catan the Card game-Looks really neat actually.

Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers-War game based on the book.

Nero-We'll have to see if it's as bad as the BGGer's say it is. I doubt it.

Some of my recent learnings include:

Die Macher-Finally played this amazing game. WOW

War on Terror-This IS fun.

Mykerinos-A friend calls this Louis Light (as in Louis XIV) but I don't really agree. Very different game with one similar mechanic.

Cluzzle-EXCELLENT party game. LOVE it.

Seismic-Alright tile laying game. Could have been better kind of boring looking green tiles with no texturing at all.

Assault on Stalingrad-Very fun little deathmatch mini's game. Kill, pick up power ups, die & drop a stim pack, respawn. Fun fun fun.

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