Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Maybe some hamsters shouldn't be so furious...but if they weren't would we love them as much as we do?

This is just a short post people to plug something I've found and enjoy greatly. The Happy Happy Board Game Love In podcast. Hosted by Luke Morris aka Hamster Of Fury on BGG. He's got a fresh smarmy take on podcasting.

As with a blog I've often thought of doing a podcast myself but like a blog I know I'd ignore it too much not have a following listening to my podcast just like I don't have a following reading my blog. Of course the fact that I don't advertise my blog or even tell anyone about it. . .well that might have something to do with it. Mind you I do still consider making a board gaming podcast because WTF I can do with it what I do with this blog and just make a new one whenever I fucking feel like it weeks or a month apart.

But I digress....

Luke has churned out 5 podcasts so far so there's a little bit of catching up for you guys. His podcast is low budget as a good B-Podcast sould be. Check it out at:


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